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A Rescue Plan for the Planet? Watch Our Debate Here.


The devastation of Covid-19 has forced swift and startling change around the globe. To combat the coronavirus, governments poured money into rescue programs, companies adapted their goals and production, central banks permitted exceptional stimulus packages and many societies mobilized to shield the most vulnerable.

The New York Times hosted a debate on July 9, 2020, to explore the hard-earned lessons of Covid-19 and how to apply them to climate change. Have these dramatic actions against the coronavirus given us a blueprint for mobilization against climate change? Is this an opportunity for a new path forward that puts accelerated climate solutions at its center?

The global response to the pandemic shows us what can follow when a challenge is gripped with enough political will, investment, technology, and skill.

What would a rescue plan for the planet look like? Watch the July 9 debate above.

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